COC Campaign: Kampfgruppe von Luck Scenario 3, Campaign Turn 5

Continuing our CoC Campaign Kampfgruppe von Luck where the Germans assault into the “corridor of death”. My Brit Paras were pretty beat up and Adam was cycling in a fresh platoon of Germans with 19 points of support. We decided not to tell each other what supports we were bringing. This makes the game a lot more interesting in our collective opinions.

I had to bolster one of my squads with a Rifle team. I also brought a roadblock and a Flamethrower team. I had very little fighting strength, but the Brit Paras are a very powerful force.

Adam chose not to bring the “predictable” 150mm Howitzer. Not really sure why, but I was glad. On top of his full strength Panzergrenadier platoon, he brought an extra infantry squad, a mortar observer, an MG42 team, an extra senior leader and an Adjutant. I think that was everything he had.

My hastily assembled hedgehogs never saw any vehicles approach them….
…because this vehicle never showed up to the fight.

This was a brilliant game…

For the Patrol Phase Adam rolled a 6, giving him a significant advantage at the outset. I still managed to claim the terrain I was after, but Adam had pressed up further than I expected.

This is what things looked like after the patrol phase (Blue is Brit, Red is German Jump Off Points).


Adam pushed up his right flank (my left) with his reserve Infantry squad. They were supported by an MG42 team in the building near the left most German jump off point. He placed a senior leader with them to keep the MG active.

I put out very few targets initially, just fielding my snipers, a section that consisted only of a Bren team, and a Senior Leader back in a courtyard with a Mortar team. I laid down a bunch of smoke under the expectation that some sort of vehicle would join the fight.

The opening phases were about maneuvering for position and trading back and forth some sporadic fire. My Bren section managed to take out Adam’s MG42 team.

Adam then began his push to take a building he cautioned me not to get too fixated on. I made it appear that I was fixated on it, to the best of my abilities, as I was hoping he would get fixated on it!

Adam’s reserve section deploys and moves forward. The most visible building was his objective. I had a Sniper and a Jump Off Point in there.
The reserve section moves up on the right, and another Panzergrenadier section deploys on their left to support.
The German reserve section prepares to take the building with a Panzergrenadier section providing overwatch.
The German reserves are assaulted by a near full strength section of Brit Paras causing the Germans to flee (the ones by the smoke cloud). In the bottom of the pic another German Panzergrenadier section can be seen – they are pushing in to assist with taking the objective.

And this is where it all went wrong for Fritz…

I can’t recall the exact sequence of events, but it went something roughly like:

  1. The Germans occupy the ground floor of the building with a reserve section
  2. The Brits hit them with a close assault, causing the German reserve section to break, leaving the Brit section at about half strength.
  3. The Germans move a Jump Off Point up close to the building and deploy into it
  4. The Germans move up to the top floor, causing the Brit Sniper to bug out (no morale check) and threatening to capture the Brit Jump Off Point at the end of the turn
  5. The Germans move a section into the bottom floor of the building (now there are two sections in the building). This is exactly what I was hoping for.
  6. The Brits deploy a Flamethrower team, within range of the building
  7. The Brits light up the German section on the top floor with the remains of the section that had previously done a close assault.
  8. The Btit Flamethrower team also lights them up, but is one shock point short of causing them to break.
  9. A Brit section I had advancing up my right flank turns facing and opens up on the German section on the top floor of the building.
  10. This causes the German section to break, fleeing out of the building and in doing so interpenetrating the German section on the bottom floor, causing them to pile up a large amount of shock and also breaking.

Three German sections had attempted to take the building and all three fled from it, broken.

Three German sections broken, most of the damage done by a single Brit section and a Flamethrower team.

Meanwhile Adam had flanked a section over the walls in an attempt to take the courtyard where the Brit Flamethrower and Mortar team were operating out of. Along the way they assaulted the remains of a Brit section, killing the Junior Leader and causing the section to break, leaving the table as they fell back.

German Panzergrenadiers make a flanking manoeuvre and have the Brit Flamethrower team in their sights.
The Brit Flamethrower team sees their imminent demise.

The Germans are broken

I used my CoC dice to end the turn causing the German force morale to collapse after taking the order tests for the routed forces.


Next game…

We decided earlier on in the campaign not to follow the campaign rules where a loss would push the Germans back a table. This was thought to be too punitive for our first “full” campaign as it means a single German loss costs them 2 campaign turns. We’re just going to play through that the Germans have to fight the scenario again, only costing them one turn.

Adam has some thinking to do on consolidating his platoons. He’s got 3 games to win with 3 platoons at 2/3rds strength. The Germans cannot field any part of a platoon in two consecutive rounds.

For the Brits, I will likely choose to attack in the next scenario with 11 points of support (10+1 for the CO liking me). I’ll use that to atrit his forces as much as possible.

Ultimately my goal is to play through to the 5th and final scenario on the 8th and last campaign turn so we can fight over this lovely chateau I purchased from Total Battle Miniatures.

Looking forward to fighting over this lovely building.

Some more “period pics” from the game



2 thoughts on “COC Campaign: Kampfgruppe von Luck Scenario 3, Campaign Turn 5

  1. Had it commissioned. I love making and painting terrain and buildings, but lately my circumstance doesn’t afford the time or space to get to it.

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