Scenario 2, Campaign Turn 3

Adam and I finally got around to playing more of the CoC campaign Kampfgruppe von Luck.

After suffering a defeat in Scenario 2, Campaign Turn 2, Adam charged back and handily won the scenario the next time we played it. That was a few weeks ago, so I don’t really remember much. The jist of it was that the 150mm Howitzer chewed up my Brit paras. My flamethrower took out one of his halftracks and killed a few infantry riding in it.

Although Adam handily won the game, he made an assault at the end that almost cost him the game (due to his Force Moral potentially dropping below 3).

I managed to inflict a lot of casualties on Adam’s German forces, but my Platoon was now running very short on men.

Scenario 2, Campaign Turn 3 Summary



Scenario 3, Campaign Turn 4

The Brits called in Naval support for this scenario. As per the campaign rules, I rolled “anything but a one” and the Naval Bombardment broke up the German attack. This advanced the Campaign by one turn without a battle being fought. It also gave the Brits another entrenchment and both forces a chance to rest up some wounded infantry and a chance for some of the men to get to know their new leaders better.

We didn’t calculate this as a victory or a loss for the campaign tracking purposes. We did consider it a chance for men to rest and leaders to test for acceptance.

Scenario 3, Campaign Turn 4 Summary


The next game was a doozy, will post separately about that and will include some lovely pics that Adam took.


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