Thoughts and pics from my first CoCpaign

Played through the Chain of Command campaign “5 Platoon” from WSS Magazine issue #74. The campaign uses the “At The Sharp End” campaign rules for CoC.

This is a short 4 game campaign recreating events from Operation Market Garden in late 1944. Elite British Paratroopers have dropped into Holland and an ad-hoc Waffen SS training unit has been called up to resist their advance.

I played Germans and my mate Adam Clark played the Brits. Some other mates joined us for a couple of the games, but for the most part it was Adam and I. He’s an amazingly skilled war gamer having been ranked in the top 10 world wide in competitive Warhammer gaming.

Suffice to say Adam won the campaign (seemingly the norm that the Brits win this campaign). It’s very difficult for Regular units to take on Elite units in Chain of Command. The 6 Command Dice and incredible activation flexibility of the Brit Paratroop platoon is difficult to counter.

This was our first campaign. Definitely much more interesting than one-off games. The Chain of Command rules – which are very good on their own – are significantly improved when played within a campaign.

Will be playing more campaigns, the next one being Kampfgruppe von Luck. That looks to be more balanced, the Brit Paras are somewhat disorganized on their D-Day drops and the Germans more determined to stop them.

Some pics from the campaign games below.



One thought on “Thoughts and pics from my first CoCpaign

  1. Lovely looking kit there!

    I’m about to embark on my first ‘Cocpaign’ at the weekend, we are doing Operation Martlet. Really looking forwards to it.

    I will add your site to my blogroll.

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