CoCpaign Game 1 After Action Report

Had a brilliant game today with a couple of mates. For the first time I played a multi game campaign. This was scenario one of four. Playing Chain of Command as part of a campaign using the At The Sharp End rules add-on is a brilliant improvement. Having to think about future scenarios your force has to fight is much more interesting than a one-off game.

Germans brought 2 mortar observers, 1 regular squad and 1 medic as support. The Brits got 1 support point and brought a Medic.

Germans took the sole building on the table with the patrol phase.

Pictorial AAR from Scenario 1 of 4.

Brits had brilliant deployment getting the 3rd section out early as well as the second sniper in great fire support positions, effectively locking down the building and with good overwatch of the entire battlefield.

Brits killed first German FOO with Sniper fire.

Brits advanced along the road, assaulting a German squad and had bad luck, losing the assault badly, costing casualties and force morale.

Eventually Brits moved a JOP up the road, bringing on another section.

With the Brits having no CoC die to spend, Germans got the Mortar battery to land with the second observer. Turned out he was immortal, surviving several rounds of sniper fire and keeping the mortars falling for several phases.

German mortars wiped out the remnants of one Brit section and sporadic fire from the various MG42s got the Force Morale to a 5 German, 2 Brit standing.

At this stage, the Germans *should* have withdrawn. Instead we got a little stupid, thinking we could get a lucky shot and maybe grind out a victory by routing the Brits. The Brits caused some casualties and brought the German force morale to 2.

With a victory no longer possible, the Germans withdrew.

Germans ended up with 20 casualties resulting in 6 dead, none of them being leaders; Brits had 13 casualties resulting in 5 dead, including one Senior and one Junior leader amongst them.


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