Wargaming Hobby Stuff I want to do in 2015

Notes for myself because I always have too many projects on the go.

  1. Touch up my Fallschirmjager. They got banged around in transport and need some repairs & touch up.
  2. Finish painting my Helmeted Italian platoon – almost done.
  3. Paint up my Safari hat Italians – the remaining half of my Safari Hat platoon, about 20 figures.
  4. Paint up my Italian Coastal Division Platoon – about 50 figures. These will be used for Sicily scenarios as second line troops.
  5. Finish painting my Italian L3 Tankette platoon – 4 tanks (3 regular plus 1 Flamethrower tank)
  6. Finish my Semovente 75/18 – almost done, needs finishing off.
  7. Finish painting my Italian Support Troops – Sniper, Medium Mortar, Mountain Gun, 47mm AT Gun, MMG team, Gun crews
  8. Convert my African troops to Askaris – need to paint the hats red, possibly green stuff on the tassel thingy – about 40 figures, this should be quick.
  9. Finish my Italian Trucks – the Lancia Truck, Lancia with Gun, Fiat Truck, Fiat Staff Car, 2 x AS37 APCs
  10. Finish and mount Italian Tank Commanders – need about 8 of these painted and mounted to tanks / Armored cars
  11. Set up host and play a Primosole Bridge scenario using CoC rules and Adam Clark’s newly painted Brit Airborne Troops.
  12. Consider making the Primosole Bridge scenario into a micro campaign for CoC.
  13. Get my LRDG guys game ready – pretty minor work to do, but need to mount gun crews and the like into the vehicles.
  14. Paint 3 x LRDG Perry Jeeps.
  15. Come up with some Night Fighting rules for CoC.
  16. Setup host and play a Barce Raid scenario using CoC rules.
  17. Finish DAK platoon.
  18. Do a “photo shoot” of all my North Africa forces.
  19. Paint up the Grand Manner convent buildings.
  20. Complete the terrain bits outstanding such as barbed wire, minefields, tank traps, hedgehogs, roadblocks, etc.
  21. Setup, Host and play the Ruweisat Ridge scenario; adapt to CoC rules.
  22. Finish my Heer force so it can be fielded using CoC rules. This is about 20 figures to paint and base.
  23. Get an American Airborne platoon table ready with appropriate supports to play a Skirmish Campaign.
  24. Collect and ready the terrain required to play the 101st Airborne Skirmish Campaign.
  25. Paint up another Desert Terrain Mat
  26. Sell some stuff on eBay I am never going to use!

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