A CoC and a Half in North Africa

Played “Scenario 7” from the Too Fat Lardies excellent Chain Of Command 2013 Christmas Special. We played with 4 players, one gentleman whom I had only met through the Lead Adventure forum. The “some guy I met on the internet” scenario often doesn’t work out too well, but Thomas was a gentleman gamer in every regard. We had a very enjoyable game.

We added in some Big CoC rules to keep it interesting with 4 players. We made the Base Infantry Platoon the Force Commander’s platoon and all the Support Weapons a separate platoon. We made it so that Senior Leaders could order any legged infantry or artillery. Not sure if that is correct, this is about my 9th and largest CoC game to date.

We played Desert Rats versus DAK. We played with 20 points of support each. We used the 1939 base list and force strength rating for the Germans but kept with the DAK support options. Twenty points is a lot and we were limited to no more than 2 options from each list category as per the scenario rules.

I didn’t really capture many photos during the game, but snapped a couple for posterity sake and to share the table set up. The desert terrain mat was made by following these excellent tutorials: 1000 Foot General and Big On Miniatures. I used mostly kitty litter on mine. My children did most of the work =)


An overview of the North Africa table. Measured 90" wide by 72" deep.
An overview of the North Africa table. Measured 90″ wide by 72″ deep.
Matilda II in front of the Mosque.
Matilda II in front of the Mosque.
British Infantry let the Tank push up.



Cool shot. Need to get a desert backdrop for the photos.
Kids went to the Dollar Store and brought us back 4 helmets.
LRDG in the tray, Italians, some more DAK and the Desert Rats Motorpool.
Air Power. And a downed Kittyhawk in 1/48 with the Pilot shooting a flare gun.

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