Scenario Rules: Battle of Prokhorovka

Battle of Prokhorovka Scenario Rules

Major Victory:

Hold 9 Victory Points for 3 turns.
Hold 12 Victory Points at the end of any turn.
Destroy all the enemy tanks, tank destroyers and self propelled artillery (as per BA vehicle categories).
Minor Victory:
Hold more Victory points than the enemy at the time we decide to call it.
House rules should be discussed and agreed to between games, not during them. House rules previously documented and agreed to by players can be used. The agreed to House Rules can be found here.
Maximum Force Size:
10,000 points main force;
2,500 points reserves;
Locked 1 week in advance of the game.
Initial Force Size:
At the start of the game each force must place 10,000 (+/- 100 points) points on the game board within the Staging Area and Forward Deploy Area.
Placing Initial Units:
A scrim will be set up that blocks visibility to the set up areas by opposing players. Players will have ~30 minutes to set up their forces. An area will be set up that allows for conference across teams without allowing visibility to the enemy set up area.
Aerial Recon:
Players will have ~ 10 minutes to inspect enemy forces and ask clarifying questions. Any rule violations of placement identified must be re-mediated in the “remediation phase”.
Placement Rule “Remediation Phase”:
After the aerial recon phase players will have ~5 minutes to re-mediate rule violations. Only units found in violation of placement rules can be moved in this phase, no other units can be moved.
Final Aerial Recon:
Another 5 minute aerial recon phase will be conducted after any adjustments for placement rule violations. After this second aerial recon phase the game can begin.
Forces held in reserve:
If players wish they can cover their forces held in reserve with a scrim in order to preserve the “fog of war”.
First Wave:
Units held in Reserves can be brought onto the table any time during the first turn without requiring an order test.
From the beginning of turn 2 onward Reserves can be brought onto the table as per p119 of the BA rules.
Hidden Set Up:
Is allowed as per p117 of BA rules.
Setting Up Observers and Snipers:
Is allowed as per p118 of BA rules. Spotters, Forward Observers, Snipers and all units with the “Forward Position” rule may deploy anywhere within the Staging Area or Forward Deploy Area as indicated in the scenario map.
Preparatory Bombardment:
Is NOT allowed.
Outflanking Manoeuvre:
Is NOT allowed.
Off Table Movement:
Is NOT allowed. Any unit that is forced to leave the table is considered destroyed and removed from the game.
Units Aboard Vehicles:
Wherever possible players are encouraged to show models in vehicles occupied by passengers.

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