House Rule: Influence Points

Influence Points

In order to model “high command” allocating resources to the battlefield over a long battle a system that rewards capturing and holding terrain was cobbled together. This is also intended to encourage players to attack each other, rather than the game drawing into a stalemate.

The map is broken up into terrain grid squares. Each square is worth 1 Influence Point. At the end of each turn the grid squares controlled by each side are tallied. A two track counter that goes up to 20 reflects the Influence Points value accumulated by each side. The value of these is always added to the existing value.

Example: At the end of Turn 1 the Germans hold 9 grid squares, therefore they would have 9 Influence Points. At the end of turn two the Germans have captured 4 additional grid squares for a total of 13. This is added to the previous total of 9 for a new Influence Points total of 22. As they have passed the 20 point threshold, the can collect one Influence Card. Their counter would be at a new position of 2 since it wraps around at 20.

Getting benefits from High Command

Each time a player’s counter moves past 20 they collect an Influence Card. The cards represent men and/or materiel being provided to a player. Or threats screamed over a radio channel. The cards are as follows:

1. Seize The Initiative! x 2 – Ace
  • The player may take the next four actions. Remove and use 4 order dice of the player’s color from the bag.
2. Air Strike x 2 – King
  • Any officer, spotter or command vehicle can call an Air Strike on targets they can see. Played as though the order was given by a Forward Observer as per rules as written.

3. Artillery Barrage x 2 – Queen

  • Any officer, spotter or command vehicle can call an Artillery Strike on targets they can see. Played as though the order was given by a Forward Observer as per rules as written.

4. Fix That Track! x 2 – Jack

  • Repair any vehicle that has been immobilized. This is done by issuing a “rally” order to the vehicle. If you pass the Rally order the vehicle is repaired to full operating capability. Command Vehicle influence does not affect repairs.

5. Rally The Troops! x 2 – 10

  • Infantry issued a Rally order automatically pass the order when this card is played.
6. What do you need Lieutenant? x 2 – Joker
  • Can be any of the above cards at the players’ discretion.
Influence cards van be played at any time during a turn. Note that some cards require an order to be issued to the unit to be played. Once played the card is returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled.
Players may hold a maximum of 3 cards. In the event a player draws a 4th influence card, they must choose which of their existing cards to dispose of in order to reduce their holdings appropriately. Disposed cards are returned to the bottom of the deck  and the deck is shuffled.

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