House Rule: Objectives, Victory Points, Victory

Capturing Objectives
In order to capture an objective you must occupy any single building within the objective area definition. There can be no enemy forces inside any other building. At the end of the turn if these conditions are met the objective is considered captured.

Holding Objectives
You are not required to garrison captured objectives except for the purposes of calculating victory points.

Calculating Victory Points
At the end of each turn the objectives are reviewed and ownership is determined and noted in a “game log”. In order for an objective to be included in your victory points calculation they must have a garrison of at least one soldier.

Determining Victory by Victory Points
At the end of each turn victory points are calculated (as above). When one side reaches the victory threshold, in this case 9 points, a “victory counter” is moved to 1. For each turn thereafter the victory points are calculated and the counter is adjusted. If the victory point threshold is not met the counter is reset to zero. When one side’s victory counter reaches a pre-defined number, in this case 3, that side has won the game.


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