House Rule: Artillery Batterys

Artillery Battery Observer

Artillery can optionally operate as a “battery” if they include a Spotter and Command Truck. The spotter costs 10 points (as all spotters do) and the Command Truck uses the same cost structure as trucks. The command truck must be the same experience level as the highest experience level gun in the battery it commands. Trucks used as Command Trucks in an Artillery Battery lose all transport and tow capabilities.

Each unit in the battery must remain within 12” of the Command Truck in order to receive orders from the Spotter. Each unit in the battery can fire, direct or indirect, as normal against targets they can see. Alternately, if equipped with a command truck and spotter any unit (or group of units) in the battery can fire indirect at a single (common) target the observer can see.

The Spotter and Command truck counts as 1 die. Players can only fire as a Battery when the Spotter is given a FIRE order. For each unit in the Battery that is firing in response to an order from the Spotter a die is pulled from the bag and allocated to the unit(s) as a FIRE order. Units not firing in response to an order from the Spotter can pull their order die as normal.

A die is rolled for each gun that is firing. For each die that hits roll for damage sequentially; as in if 4 guns fire and 2 hit, roll 2 die for damage resolving each one individually. If the target is destroyed and there are still unresolved hits those are discarded assuming to have struck the destroyed target.

If the command truck is destroyed or the spotter is killed both units are removed from the game board. The guns can no longer operate as a battery and can only fire at targets they can see as per normal BA rules.

If any gun in the battery is pinned that gun must pass an order test to fire. If the unit fails the order test it goes down as per Bolt Action rules as written and does not fire for that turn. Other guns in the battery are unaffected by this. If the Command truck or spotter is pinned the one with the most pins must pass an order test in order to relay a fire order to the battery. The order dice is always issued to the spotter.

All rules for spotters from p.54 of the Bolt Action rule book apply, but the truck is substituted for the weapon.

When a battery fires at troops in a building, roll damage for each gun separately. If either an individual gun rolls 12+ or the cumulative total of the battery equals 24+, the building is destroyed as per the rules for a 12+ result from a single gun.


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